Sunday, 24 May 2009

Cuckold Fantasies

Lauren Phoenix (winner of AVN's coveted Female Performer of the Year 2004) does such an amazing job in this video it is no wonder why she won the award. Not only does she look naturally hot, but her passion and raw sexuality are incredible. She fucks like she is on a first REAL date with Frank in this video. She french kisses him, sucks his cock with passion and fucks him so hard she cums on his cock at least twice! The sex scenes are scorching and the intensity and chemistry are all very real.

We didn't think we could possibly make a hotter video than Cuckold Fantasies volume 2 but this one is just as hot in its own unique way.

This video begins by Lauren's husband (who is dressed like a sissy in a sissy blouse) trying to convince her into having sex with another man while he watches. Lauren is a bit suspicious at his motives and begins questioning him as to whether he wants to be with another woman, thinking he only wants her to fuck another man so he can fuck another woman. Her husband totally denies this and constantly reassures her that he will really love to see her get fucked by a real man. Lauren finally agrees on one condition_she gets to choose the man.

Before Lauren gets ready for a date she puts her husband in a CHASTITY DEVICE and laughs at his small cock. She yells at her husband to shut up when he complains that he won't be able to touch his cock while she is gone and tells him the only way she will do this is if his cock is locked up in chastity so she can control when and how he comes!

Cuckold Couple

My wife is sent to work on the streets for her black pimp. He is pissed off she has not brought in enough money from whoring. He brings her into his house to teach his bitch a lesson, I am called in to help my wife service her pimp and learn to suck black cock, and after all sharing is caring.

Saturday, 23 May 2009

The Life Of A Cuckold

Maitresse Madeline is a bitch! But she's a beautiful blond bitch that can get her slave to do anything she wants him to do. He licks cum from her pussy where her boyfriend came inside her. He sniffs and worships her feet. He is humiliated, forced to listen to her and her boyfriend fuck and still he receives no words of praise from his Mistress.